The heart braid

1-Take your hair into two sections by dividing down the middle.
Starting at the crown of your head (head), make the curve of the top of the heart. Stop at the back of       your ear. Do not worry to go right at the back (bottom) of the heart, just go to your ear.
  2 - Clip hair that way as seen above.
I like to do this braid using "a braid to French" instead of the more familiar because it shows the form, but you can make another braid! Begin the French braid to the party (as seen above) and bend the braid around your ear. At this point you just use hair outside the heart shape, the hair is not in the clip.

Buckle Side Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Easy and simple side braid hairstyle

Tutorials beauty - hair side braid hairstyle appeared in the novel ∙ How to: ∙ Separate your hair - I did mine on the side, but this style is also adjacent to a shopping center part.Take a section in the front and split in three.Plait together in a French braid, which underneath.Braid sections only top section, leaving the rest of your hair hang in braid.Finish the first team in a braid and secure elastic. 2-5